Thursday, June 11, 2015

webfinds: broken toe casts

<3 to Fede (the best ever!) for sending me these!! if u have toe casts to share send them over.


<3 purple

i love how this one covers two toes

big toe ->

they look so sore!!

totally casted toes

100k Hit celebration pic by sl44n3sh-CFA

hehehe sl44n3sh is so evil!! congrats on 100k!


Elsa toes by excilion

 now this is a unique cast...

see more work by excilion

Such an awkward cast could only lead to new problems..


Annie and Hannah by sharkycast

more art from sharkycast! poor annie!! i love those toes tho...

A picture showing the aftermath of  Bobbi's New Job: Chapter 100 - Broken Toe Study. Annie gets her poor toes treated.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

sexy slc's - webfinds part 1

short leg cast web finds

fat toes and funny faces

cutie!! and i love her dirty lil' toes

 big plaster cast - cute tiny toes


 black fiber + red toenails = hot

elegant black and white

cute chubby toes with blue polish in pink cast

tie 'em up!! bound casted feet and nylons

Prof. Lily - feet up by sharkycast

i love this!! to see how it happened read  Bobbi's New Job: Chapter 100 - Broken Toe Study by sharkycast

Prof. Lily is sitting at home with her feet up following her nasty accident...


Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lovely LLC's

some webfinds of ladies in long leg casts (LLC)

fresh plaster

love pink!

so clean

i love her henna!!

llc with toe plate

nice green cast

blue toes

sexy red llc and the cutest chubbiest toes

ouch :(

heavy plaster



plaster llc with toe plate

love the shoe!

soft cast with green nail polish