Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Her bunion hung out 2 far by stitchspike26

story and illustration by stitchspike.

She never realized what a risk she was taking by leaving her right foot sitting out in the hallway outside of her cubicle. It was just a convenient place for her to rest her huge bare foot while she was at work. Her feet were over 12 inches long apiece, rare and wonderful. Her bunion made the front of her foot too wide to fit into the few dress shoes that she could find in the size 14s her feet were crammed into.

Alison was at least 6 feet tall, very lean with blonde hi-lights in her hair. She had a thin and attractive face with full features and a big pleasant smile. She was tall and self conscious about her big feet. Alison had crammed them into shoes that were too small for years and it had taken its toll on them. Her toes were crunched and she had given herself a truly huge pair of bunions on her giant feet. Alison kept these covered with shoe and strap as much as possible and the big knots of bone ached her miserably when they were mercilessly compressed and pinched in dress shoes.

Alison always took the shoes off her feet to give her bunions a rest during the day. Her huge feet needed a rest from being bunched up in the small shoes she wore, but her bunions were the spot where all of that compression burst out from the rest of the crunched foot. The big walnut sized lumps ached from being pressed down on by her shoes.

Alison limped into her cubicle and popped both of her feet out of their shoes. She held her right foot in her lap a moment, studying the big throbbing bunion on it. Alison rotated her big toe, cracking the enormously overgrown joint at it’s base. She then lowered her right foot outside of her cubicle and gave attention to her aching left foot.

Her enormous right foot hovered above the concrete floor outside of her cubicle door where I could view it from my office. She placed the long foot on to the cool concrete with an appreciative moan.

Alison’s toes were all curled down and in from being crunched up in small shoes for years. She could still stretch them out to their full length so they looked like fingers. I could hear the cracks her toes were making from several feet away. She would tilt her foot forward onto its knuckles and press down, making he bunion bulge out of her sole so its full size could be appreciated. The crack the joints in her foot made were very loud and a heard her groan with relief. The top of her foot has a golden tan, and the bottom a pale smooth surface. Not a callus or nail out of place. Her toes bent under the foot pressed to the cool soothing concrete below.

I was lucky enough to get to see the whole thing. Alison had been wearing her only pair of dress shoes and had been carrying heavy loads of paper all day. The extra weight in these tight shoes has made her feet throb, especially her big bony bunion. She had been in a long meeting where she did not get to take her shoes off and had just limped back to her cubicle. Alison groaned in relief as she slowly eased the tight and hard leather off the sticky and worn skin over her bunions.

There sat the perfect foot toped with a huge bunion, projecting out a full foot into the narrow hallway. A 12 inch tan length of vunerable meat with a red bunion sitting 90 degrees out from her cubicle. I could imagine how that poor foot throbbed! Someone was running down the length of the hallway at full tilt.

His whole foot stepped down onto the instep of Alison’s bare foot. Heel back by where her pinky toe was curled under her sole from years of being crammed in small shoes. Crossing the veiny top and crunching all of the toes she had bent under her foot in hopes of relieving the pressure built up in them. These cracked and popped as they were contorted out of place from being stepped on. The stomp ended with its greatest weight upon her aching bunion. It mashed down into the hard cement stretching the scaly skin on it to its maximum displacement.

She shrieked.

It caused him to twist his foot, grinding the bunion hard into the concrete floor beneath it. Alison’s foot was twisted under his weight. The tortured toes gave out more cracks and crackles as he bruised every pad and knuckle with his struggle to remain upright. He remained upright with Alison’s poor tortured foot under him.

Alison lurched out of her cube and grabbed the sides of her huge foot with both hands. She looked shocked and in pain as she tugged at her foot until the weight came off of it. The whole front of her foot down into her nails was pink from pain. She sat down heavily on the floor, all her attention on her stomped foot.

Alison had her forefoot up to her face, looking at it’s bottom to check on the state of her crumpled baby toe first, then the crunched other toes and ending with her rapidly reddening bunion! Even her big toe had been squished in the process. The shape of his shoe was very visible on the top of her foot.

Alison groaned “Oh God it hurts so bad”. She sat down heavily on the hard floor, all her attention focused on the agonizing pain coming from the front half of her mangled foot. “Everything has been stomped!”

The guy who nearly tripped was not sympathetic “You need to hang warning signs if you are going to park something that big in the walkway!”

Alison looked extremely hurt by what he had said. She looked sadly down at the huge and still swelling foot in her hands, as if resentful of the huge feet nature had given her.

Still cradling her broken foot she quietly slid back into her cubicle. Alison tried to make little sound, but I heard her hiss and groan as she applied attempts at soothing her crushed fore-foot.

She sat there with her big foot up on the table. It was so soft and vulnerable looking, the whole front half was swollen up.

She studied it, her eyes filled with self-loathing and pain.

Alison had her toes spread wide with the exception of her big toe that was completely bent down in one of her hands, this must have taken internal pressure off of her bunion. That bunion was the size of an apple. I imagine that the cartilage was inflamed. Alison gingerly ran a block of ice over its red surface, gently rotat
I swear I could see it pulsing under the ice. Her eyes watered and she moved the ice off her chilled bunion and over her mashed toes.

Taking the ice from her freezing digits she then blew on the iced skin. The redness did not lessen and she looked frustrated and in pain.

I must have stared for too long because Alison shot me an evil look.

“I saw the whole thing and I feel awful about it. Your poor foot must really be hurt.”

Alison managed a weak smile and thanked me for my concern.
“My poor poor foot”
She placed the ice back on her bunion, shivering and wincing.
“I hope I can walk out of here later. My foot has not been hurt like this in years.”

“Do you need someone to take you to the Doctor?” I asked, eager to be the one who got to spend more time with Alison and her throbbing foot.

“I don’t think anything is broken” she tenderly moved a few long toes around with her fingers, her eyes wincing with pain. Her mouth grimaced as she flexed those long pummeled toes to test them. “Ouch!”

I went to the freezer and put more ice in a bag. I handed it to her, Alison’s long fingers wrapped around the bag.

“Thanks, I guess I’ll need more ice for this” She turned her bunion towards me. There was a symphony of pinks flowing on the surface of it. “It hurts so much”. I could hear the pain in her voice.

“Is there anything other than ice that would help”

“Rubbing usually helps, but nothing will help crushed. I just have to ice it and hope that gets rid of the swelling”.

We sat there for a long moment staring at her huge pink foot.

“Maybe you can help me tape it up” She moved her foot towards me. I was dying to put my hands on her foot, I had a sick desire to squeeze her pulsing bunion to hear her squeal. Alison looked at me with her sad eyes. She had some tape on the table.

“Here, can you hold my ankle for me while I wrap the ice bag around it?” I placed my hand around her slender ankle down by her ankle. She had a hard pump bump of bone in the back and I could feel her pulse on a large foot vein near her ankle. Her foot was close enough for me to smell the leather from her shoes on it. I wanted to suck those long pink toes so bad!

Alison placed the ice and water bag around her foot. I was close enough to see her eyes tear up as the pain got to her.
“Tape around the bag”
I wrapped the clear tape over the bag.
“Not too tight!”
Her foot wriggled in my hand, OK it was mean of me to squeeze her foot on purpose. That big foot felt so good when I mashed its soft flesh. Alison’s eyes were wide and she was panting from fear and pain. I taped the bag loosely. She lifted her foot out of my grasp. Alison waddled out of the break room walking on the undamaged heel of her hurting foot.

I saw her later that day, barefoot in a closing elevator. Clutching her shoes and looking down at her sore right foot. It was red an purple at the front, the bunion huge and sore.

She wore slippers for the rest of the week, taking care not to stand as much as possible. I heard her recount the story and groan about her bruised foot for the next few weeks, though she never talked about her bunion.

Alison never poked even a toe out of her cubicle after the horrid affair.

source: http://stitchspike26.deviantart.com/art/Her-bunion-hung-out-2-far-251316637

bowling ball smashed feet by stitchspike

stitchspike does fetish art about painful and swelling feet -  here are some comics about poor toes getting crushed by bowling balls - ouch!!

Bowling Ball Breaks Gals Ft It Swelz

I think that she should have used the recomended footwear to avoid this mishap. She'll need to ice that painful foot tonight.

source: http://stitchspike26.deviantart.com/art/BowlingBallBreaksGalsFtItSwelz-251859162

Bowling Ball Crush Her Feet She Reacts In Agony Crumpld Feet

Can you imagine the sound she's making!

source: http://stitchspike26.deviantart.com/art/BowlingBallCrushHerFeetSheReactsInAgonyCrumpldFeet-272232052

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maririn's Feet by castsandfeet / Maririn's shoes by excilion

Maririn is one of excilions's oc's and i love the latest twist in her story. here she is as drawn by castsandfeet and excilion himself:

Maririn's Feet

I was really happy to see Maririn return, she is one of my favorite of Excilion's characters. Like many of you I wanted to see her bare feet in more detail and what would happen next to them. So here she is at the doctors with some really sore looking screwed up feet - can she find a remedy? Will she like it? Will her feet be like this forever?

I colored this with my new tablet - really enjoying using it - no promises for more color but it does help to have the right tools.

Follow up from excilion.deviantart.com/art/Ma…

source: http://castsandfeet.deviantart.com/art/Maririn-s-Feet-432776373

Maririn's shoes

It's been a long time we haven't seen Maririn, lets have a look how she's able to manage with her new feet..

source: http://excilion.deviantart.com/art/Maririn-s-shoes-429856422

Monday, March 10, 2014

"Making casts" and "Trying to stand up" by CutieCasts

nice set of drawings by cutiecasts - loving the toe spica on the maid - wonder if its the same girl as with the llc...

Making casts

Girls have overheard what the customers requested, so now they're putting on casts
Do not hesitate to ask for a new cast in the comment below ! ^^
(Sorry for the background, I was too lazy to do it)

source: http://cutiecasts.deviantart.com/art/Making-casts-416261115

Trying to stand up

After being casted, the girl of the previous [picture] is now trying to stand up. All the crutches were taken, this is why she's using a broom as a crutch :P

Do not hesitate to ask for a new cast ;)

source: http://cutiecasts.deviantart.com/art/Trying-to-stand-up-417313346

Characters by CutieCasts

3 of my favorite characters by cutiecasts. 1 is a dual arm amputee who can't reach much with her super long leg casts. 2 is awful cheerful for being casted on the job and 3 is Jessica who looks like her really long cast is giving her problems.... looks like she has a broken toe too ;)

Too short or too long ?

source: http://cutiecasts.deviantart.com/art/Too-short-or-too-long-435120788

May I take your order ?

Here another maid girl just for you guys !
If you want one of the girl of the Café wear a specific cast, do not hesitate to leave a comment below ! ;D
They will be really glad ! ;D

source: http://cutiecasts.deviantart.com/art/May-I-take-your-order-415157454

Too long leg cast

It seems like Jessica has a little problem since her boyfriend didn't give her crutches

"Minion" and "What are you looking at" by CutieCasts

i love this girl - green hair and always in an interesting combination of casts!! art by CutieCasts


This evening I'm very inspired ! So here comes a third drawing ! 
Remember her : http://cutiecasts.deviantart.com/art/What-are-you-looking-at-378599806 ? As always she poses for her beloved boyfriend.

And why the title is "Minion", because when I was putting color on, I suddenly thought of the Minions from the movie Descipable Me ;P

source: http://cutiecasts.deviantart.com/art/Minion-417170811

What are you looking at

See guys ? I've put colors ! :D

source: http://cutiecasts.deviantart.com/art/What-are-you-looking-at-378599806

Good evening by CutieCasts

new from cutiecasts - i love this combination too!!

I think I really love the combination casts & bandages ;D

Maid Cafe - Toe Spica Cast by CutieCasts

been really into toe casts lately... found some nice ones by cutiecasts!!

Hi guys!
The maids got this morning new uniforms !
What do you think ?

source: http://cutiecasts.deviantart.com/art/Maid-Cafe-Toe-Spica-Cast-434764218

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

adventures of Really unlucky Tori by excilion

unlucky tori's most recent adventures. she's one of my fav chars of excilion's.

Really unlucky Tori

Long time we haven't seen Tori, her schoolmates began to worry, so here's some news from the hospital.

source: http://excilion.deviantart.com/art/Really-unlucky-Tori-430609264

Back to school
"Your hook is repaired, you're now self sufficent again !"

source: http://excilion.deviantart.com/art/Back-to-school-432251503

Tori's walk

Negociation is impossible with Tori's mom, as decided, she's heading back to school...

soruce: http://excilion.deviantart.com/art/Tori-s-walk-434535893

Tori's walk no nylons
variation of Tori's walk by excilion for those who prefers a full view on Tori's legs.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Linea - Sore Feet by sl44n3sh

perfect follow up on linea.... here's sl44n3sh's tribute to excilions char - here showing what those bondage shoes do to her poor feet:

Linea takes a break from her foot training.
wearing 6.5 inch Heels all day ain t easy - she could use a hand rubbing her feet right now i think.

Character belongs to [link]

source: http://sl44n3sh-cfa.deviantart.com/art/Linea-Sore-Feet-by-sl44n3sh-166578097

Metal bars by excilion

excilion's OC Linea is a double arm amputee and has a fetish for torture shoes :)

Somebody asked where it will ends with the poor Linea .. I honestly don't know ^^

source: http://excilion.deviantart.com/art/Metal-bars-161730414

Quad Sport Bikini by gamera1985

cute char by gamera1985

My my my... being limbless is nice, but she's starting to get chubby from the lack of activity. She was once quite athletic, but years after her amputations, she's now quite plump. She do wants to exercize herself, but truth to be told, she'd rather eat sweets all day ;)

source: http://gamera1985.deviantart.com/art/Quad-Sport-Bikini-406600586

Monday, March 3, 2014

Maya - Love those Shoes by sl44n3sh

another one of sl44n3sh's chars suffering from painful shoes


she s a classic lady working as a successful lawyer her dresscode is classic.
But she couldn t resist wearing her new extremly high golden shoes.

source: http://sl44n3sh.deviantart.com/art/Maya-Love-those-Shoes-208989026

Bad Luck by sl44n3sh-CFA

bad luck!! sl44n3sh's dedication to a DA member with some interesting casts on her feet and toes.

Dedicated to a DA member who was quite unlucky rearanging her furniture.

source: http://sl44n3sh-cfa.deviantart.com/art/Bad-Luck-136949095

leopard print cast and stockings

found this picture on facebook and HAD TO share it. i love the way the cast and stockings are put together - so used to seeing sl44n3sh and excilion's interpretation where the cast goes over the exposed areas - here its on the cast itself -- meowww

only scrap on my DA so far: http://lilylovestoes.deviantart.com/art/leopard-cast-437960259

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hey no photos by rizzo-cast

rizzo-cast does amazing 3D art of casted girls - here's one of my favorites - i love the idea and expressions:
source: http://rizzo-cast.deviantart.com/art/Hey-no-photos-403613201

Freshly casted by rizzo-cast

rizzo-cast does amazing 3D art of casted girls - here's one of my favorites:

source: http://rizzo-cast.deviantart.com/art/Freshly-casted-397589618

Looks like somebody had a good time by rizzo-cast

rizzo-cast does amazing 3D art of casted girls - here's one of my favorites:

source: http://rizzo-cast.deviantart.com/art/Looks-like-somebody-had-a-good-time-392409794

Visiting hours are over by rizzo-cast

rizzo-cast does amazing 3D art of casted girls - here's one of my favorites:

source: http://rizzo-cast.deviantart.com/art/Visiting-hours-are-over-369438481