Friday, July 4, 2014

feet of the week


happy 4th of july!! special edition of feet of the week

over the top

red white and blue

red toes <3

blue cast, red toes

red dslc

last but not least

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4 is more

a cast for every limb - some of my fav quad cast combos

hard to roll over

llc,slc, 2x lac

2x llc, 2x lac

2x lac, 2xllc + neck brace

2x slc, 2x sac - love the thumb and big toe spicas!!

x slc, 2x sac

2x llc, 2x lac - love the finger, thumb spicas and the toe plates <3

<3<3<3 2x lac, 2x slc

lac, sac, 2x slc (all soft casts) and some bandages and a neck brace for good measure

2xllc, sac, lac (all soft casts)

toe protector casts

these are special casts - never seen anything just like them - slcs but with special strips protecting the big toes - not a full spica. thanks to sharky cast for the 2nd picture!! i love how you can see the sides of her toes instead of the tip - and all those signatures <3 - i wonder what happened to her?

i wonder if that's what gave sl44n3sh the idea to put excilion's kathy in a pair:

dancer feet 101

for those who haven't ever suffered thru dance for any length of time, it is hard to understand the lengths dancers go to continue dancing despite what it does to our bodies. heres to all those who stuck it out longer than me!! and some pix of what it takes

knob knob
what you see and what you don't
dancer feets
not just ballet, even jazz or tap
sometimes to the point of casts
taped toes
protected toes
<3 dance undies - these ones have bling!!
misery loves company
broken toes

Friday, June 27, 2014

feet of the week

#9 - feet of the week!

casted toes
soft soles
covered in plaster
chubby toes <3
soft + tats <3 <3
broken bandaged toes :(
 taped toes

Monday, June 23, 2014

Ward 13 - Liz by castsandfeet

This lovely lady is one of the latest characters introduced into Dr. Gimpys Ward 13 story. Liz and her roomate monica break their toes to pieces and their fighting lands them in the mysterious ward 13. This latest chapter was incredible and i hardly think my picture does all those great moments justice but heres Liz as i see her... hint to all you writers break enough toes and the #castgrils artists crawl out of retirement ;p



Chris back to work by excilion

follow up to "helpless chris" by excilion

<3 chris!!

Signing contracts or moving boxes is now out of question. Let's find a new position.

Hospital lobby by rizzo-cast

go to the DA page for some great ideas on what will happend nxt!!

The sequel to Five floors to go.
On this picture, there are 3 women, that I would like to put in some casts in one of my next pictures. The woman pushing the wheel chair, the woman on the stairs, and the woman with the yellow armcast.
I am indecisive about the type, number and color of the casts. So if someboy of you have some ideas or suggestions, this is your chance.


Geeks are so sexy / bookworm by rizzo-cast

get it right!!